Guidance for Artful Living

Pat Webb

“Each life is a work of art … Let’s explore ways to make it beautiful!”

pat_eIn 1997 my health failed and no doctor could diagnose me.  I was guided to go into silence to recreate my life.

Since that year, my journey has been far richer.  I love sharing my discoveries with others.  Meditation and mindfulness training with Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh has been a big part of the journey.

Also, being an Oklahoma poet, Artist-in-Residence, and co-founding The Silence Foundation and The Resilience Project has played a part.

So has being a mother, grandmother, widow, teacher, spiritual director and student of rituals   Celtic, Buddhist,  Native American and  Christian.

What I Offer

You’ll find my Journaling PLAYshops, Classes, Retreats, and Private  Coaching on this site.

I LOVE helping people hear their WISE ONE WITHIN (WOW!)

My Mission

  • To share the healing and restorative benefits of silence.
  • To help others find ways to creatively use the contemplative arts.
  • To have fun!

Letrs play, learn and grow together.  Life can be fresh, fun, and oh, so artful!

“We come from a Great Silence.

We return to a Great Silence.

In this brief interval called Life,

Silence wants to be our companion

and help us live fully and artfully!”

Patricia Webb – Oklahoma City, OK